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I got deranked!!!
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I lost my rank to some noob that's buying everyone member!
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WTF happened to my rank I was pvping and lost my rank.... -nike_1234
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Wardog501I lost my rank i was legend
IGN is warodg501 i lost it at 5;45pm please fix
rokiit12WTF i got deranked can u fix this Whoz or Logic
Julie   I'm sure Whoz will fix this as soon as he can :)
CoD1v1And i got banned
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Dmateer21Hey Logic!
xXBlitzleXxRacist Faction - Read the name and desc.
something should be done
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X_BlazedxBACONCRAFTER64x flowerbomer madstercountuio Called Me On Skype And Said That They All Bought In Un-Bans, IM Not Sure If They Did But I Guess If Someone Could Check The Buycraft They Would Appreciate It.
Deluxe_R   I think they did, but a very long time ago.
xXBlitzleXxIs the server an OP server? Jw
yodaddy1717   Sometimes
A4E_RAICHULol tempbanned my self for 5h
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Le_Epictroll211   XD
yodaddy1717   Fgt
Dmateer21   bahahhaha dat's what you get for being a pojemun
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COd with sharp 8
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