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Iron_Midget5 Abusing /fly.
Uploaded by Stysm on 2014-04-24.
[Owner] RealRaidz   I didnt see him hit you in combat but he still flying during a pvp :/ thanks for the proof player tempband
CoD1v1   yeah hes tempband^^
3arcninjaSome one who can unban me please do it ASAP i was banned for no reason and i didnt do anything it just said banned Please ASAP
[Owner] RealRaidz   What's Your IGN?
3arcninjajulie can u unban me please
Julie   That'll be up to staff members, and will depend on your ban reason. You should post a ban appeal here: [link]
Julie (ModelJulieHowe) on Twitter
The latest from Julie (@ModelJulieHowe). Student - Aspiring Model
JulieFollow me on Twitter! [link]
Carbi82 , 3arcninja and eliasaug joined RealRaidz
3arcninjaplease help me i need help right away
Julie   Is there anything I can do for you?
3arcninja   yes
3arcninja   i need to be unbanned i was banned for no reason D:

like wtf XD still funny though
[Owner] RealRaidz   gg
Z3R0iCim gunna die now See ya :p
yodaddy1717   Bye
Julie   If you ever need to talk, just message me.
poisonouspossum   Yes Z3ROiC wheeling
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