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ejnatewhoz am i still allow to buy unban ??
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Chris hacking maybe? im not sure
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Good days.
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A4E_RAICHULol me and tmc were testing how long we have tempban for and i was the guinea pig, D:D:D:D:D:D im so board
A4E_RAICHULol had to find out the hard way
ejnatetmc just banned me because he thinks im hacking
he ban me during pvp and he was about to die
you dont have proof
A4E_RAICHU   lol expires "NEVER"
ejnate   heres the vid [link]
everyone watch
xX_Love_Cookies_Xx   yus hacks i saw kill aura don't say to me are you blind or something i know hacks and how they work and this is clear proof
chief_bac[link] here is harris03 and cjsmahers hacking go to 2:45 and start
And cod abusing and hacking is link one:[link]
And link 2:[link] beginning through 3:27
RobbieC7Whoz dp plz
:d <3
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Whoz, i wasted 300k on those Pigman spawners, you said they'd be fixed last night.
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Power 6 and other.
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